4G Solar Camera

Price Includes Solar Panel & 32GB Memory Card

Ideal for farm security, asset monitoring (water troughs, tanks, pumps, etc) wildlife monitoring and live time lapse.


Complete 4G Solar camera will transmit photos to your mobile phone, email and upload to Yabby’s platform site on a movement or time-lapse setting. The camera will also transmit video to email and the platform. The camera is ready to deploy and comes with the following:

  • Solar panel enabling it to sit remotely without needing to be visited to check batteries.
  • 12 x rechargeable batteries
  • Sandisk 32GB MicroSD Card
  • Mounting bracket


  • Wire Free – Put the camera anywhere. Runs on batteries and solar. No wiring required.
  • Stronger Reception  – The dual aerials are no gimmick. They really do pick up great reception.
  • Flexible Transmission – You can choose to transmit video or photos or both. Change the size of images being being transmitted by the camera to successfully manage your data plan.
  • Integrated to Yabby Platform –  Sends images to the Yabby Sensors Platform rather than just email or MMS, allowing you to view images and your sensor data at the same time on the same page.
  • Instant alerts  – Know what is happening instantly with MMS or email alerts. Send to up to 4 phone numbers and 4 emails.
  • Remote access – Use either the 4G or 3G network to turn your camera on and off remotely, change camera settings and request images to your phone through a free app.
  • Built tough – A durable, weatherproof clamshell case protects the camera in the toughest conditions – rain, ants and the harsh Aussie sun.
  • Minimum Blur –  Dual Black Flash IR arrays produce enough infrared light to capture action up to 10-metres away at night (15m in the day).
  • Fast Phot0 Capture –  A high performance camera with a 0.35 second reaction time, the camera captures all the action with high level detail and clarity.
  • Solar Panel – generates enough power for up to 100 images transmitted per day, in full sun. There is no need to visit the camera again to check batteries or images.

Key Features

  • 3G and 4G transmission of images via MMS, email (SMTP), and FTP
  • Works best on Telstra network (some functions unavailable on other networks)
  • 0.35 second trigger speed
  • 5MP/1080P@30fps
  • 58 piece invisible infra-red flash – 15m night time vision distance
  • Time lapse function
  • Minimum blur night time function – clearer night shots
  • Duty time setting
  • Records audio with video
  • Date/time stamp on all images
  • Weather-proof IP66
  • Standard lens model: 52° FOV lens, 52° PIR angle
  • Wide Angle lens model: 100° FOV lens, 100° FOV angle
  • 1 year warranty
  • Standard size SIM card (not included)

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