Floating Dam Level Sensor - NBIoT

The worlds only remote floating storage level sensor and volume forecaster

All prices include annual data, platform and delivery.

The Dam Floating Yabby is a remote water level/volume sensor ideal for dams, channels and tanks. Unlike other level sensors, its floating capability allows it to be positioned in the deepest part of the storage enabling the full range of water levels to be monitored.

  • High accuracy
  • Remotely configurable volume and level alerts (SMS, email)
  • Remotely configurable sampling rate
  • Designed to meet outdoor applications with a durable IP68 waterproof floating housing and sensor.
  • Ultra-low power – more than 5 years for most storage applications based on 4 reading a day
  • Positioned in the middle of storage so  less prone to vandalisation. 
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  • Supplied with all sundry equipment assembled and ready to install including rope, 5kg anchor, shackles, chain and cable ties.
  • Total weight of less than 10kg, ready for you to paddle/motor out and lower in.
  • 5 m of cable (extra cable length $10/m up to 50m)
  • Level and volume alerts via email or SMS
  • Versatile platform allowing other sensors to connect
  • 12 months warranty

Not Included

  • Platform and data access
  • Installation (can be provided for additional cost. Contact us for pricing).
  • Delivery

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