Lorikeet Tracker

Feature-rich and affordable vehicle tracking device including OBDII or cigarette lighter power harness for
plug-and-play installation

All prices include data, platform and delivery.

Ongoing data/platform after first year for $13/month for 1 MB (approx. 24 updates/day).


SKU 4000000000004 Category
  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
  • Hardwired to permanent power for real-time tracking with remote immobilization option
  • Internal Backup Battery in case of loss of power or tampering
  • 1 x Ignition Digital Input, 3 x Digital Inputs, 1 x Analog Input, 1 x Switched Ground Digital Output, Switched Power Out
  • Configure iButton®, Wiegand or RFID readers for Driver ID
  • Accident and rollover detection, speeding, harsh braking, and more
  • Includes OBDII or Cigarette Lighter Power Harness available for Plug and Play Installation
  • Immobilization option to safely disable vehicles and equipment remotely
  • Cellular 2G or 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT

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