Macaw Solar Satellite Tracker

Powered by the sun, this Commercial IoT device allows you to efficiently monitor and manage your remote assets

Price Includes first years data/platform, connection fee and delivery

Ongoing monthly platform and satellite data after first year is $25/month

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• Maintenance-free device as the power of the sun recharges its batteries providing up to 10 years of usable service
• Delivers reliable location reporting for assets deployed worldwide
• Easy to install as simple packaging requires no harnesses, external power or external antennas
• Wide range of reporting capabilities, including:
– GPS Location reporting in 4 modes
– Stationary or In-Motion Reporting
– Reduced Messaging & Theft Recovery Modes
– Transmits data from external sensors
• User selectable Speed and Heading operation

Potential Applications

• Transportation: Monitor & track assets and fleet movements even in remote locations.
• Oil & Gas: Aids in mobilizing & deploying high value assets in the field.
• Construction: Determine if, when & where your valuable equipment is being used.
• Security: Keep track of valuable mobile assets such as rail cars, propane tanks & AgTech.
• Marine: Monitor & track high value assets, such as boats, barges and containers, at the dock and off-shore.
• Other industry uses: Mining, forestry, government, fisheries, etc.

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