Parakeet Tracker

Ideal for unpowered large equipment, trailers, vehicles and more.  Increased battery life and Bluetooth 5.2 Gateway compared to the Budgie.

All prices include data, platform and delivery.

Ongoing data/platform after first year for $13/month for 1 MB (approx. 24 updates/day).

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Ultra-rugged, Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway. Features cloud-based location solving for 10+ years of battery life.

  • GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location for indoor/outdoor asset management
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 Gateway for tagged asset management and sensor monitoring
  • Deploy-once battery life with up to 10+ years on only 3 x AA user-replaceable batteries
  • Cloud-based location solving (versus on-device) for substantial power savings
  • Tracks assets when they’re on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to save power
  • ‘Battery Low’ and ‘Battery Critical’ alerts
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 housing
  • LTE-M / NB-IoT Connectivity

Designed to track any non-powered asset it can be secured to. But the most common applications include:

  • Vehicle, Trailer and Bin Tracking
  • High Value Hire & Rental Equipment Tracking
  • Shipping Containers, Freight and Caravan Tracking
  • Mining and Construction Equipment Tracking
  • Livestock and Agriculture Equipment Tracking
  • Boats, Jetskis, Bikes and Scooter Tracking

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