Parrot 8 Channel Standalone or Gateway

Channel remote engine/pump monitoring and control solution

From $2,200

Having the security of knowing the status of your pump is critical for efficient operations. The Parrot 8 Channel remote engine/pump monitoring and control solution provides access to the state of our engine and pump via our web interface. This gives you the confidence of knowing what is happening at all times especially if a problem arises. Should the pump shut down if there is a problems you will be notified via SMS email or both.

This system is a 8 channel radio telemetry unit, suitable for  monitoring and or control applications, where no more than eight inputs or outputs are required at the location. This unit is suitable where there is 4G or NBIoT mobile coverage.

The system allows for

  • Remotely start and stop pumps
  • Monitor the run state of the pump and receive alert on shutdown – via SMS email or both
  • Monitor associated sensors (such as flow pressure and water level) and raise alerts on conditions out of the normal operating range
  • Record historical data for immediate and future reference

The system is supplied with:

  • Enclosure
  • Main board
  • Modem
  • Radio for Radio Network
  • Solar panel
  • Battery holder
  • Battery

Does not include the mounts as the mounting option required will depend on the nature of the installation. Plug in modules for required solutions are additional. Please refer to module information page. Antennas are separate as the appropriate antenna will be based on transmission distances required.

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