Remote Diesel Pump Control

Remotely and instantaneous control pumps anywhere in the world with satellite connectivity. Start/stop of the engine via remote variables such as water level, water pressure,  flow rates, soil moisture, water quality, etc

The units work with a wide range of diesel engines. Automatic engine speed control is offered on all engines, whether electronic or mechanical. This feature can adjust the engine speed to a set speed point or vary the engine speed with respect to an external 4-20mA sensor. All automatic throttling options come with adjustable engine warm up, cool down and line fill timers

Linked to Yabby’s platform via satellite connectivity allowing remote control of the engine and input variables such as water level, water pressure,  flow rates, soil moisture, water quality, etc

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  • The control units have direct access tactile buttons, which allows you to view engine FAULTS/WARNINGS quickly as well as alter timers and halt/pause the engine.
  • The control unit’s display screen is easy to read with large icons and characters. The LCD can be viewed in direct sunlight.
  • The controller is normally supplied in a kit form. This kit includes the controller in an enclosure, an engine wiring loom, a throttle actuator, secondary solenoids, mounting brackets and any other components your build will require. Just tell us what you need and we will supply it. All of our kits will save you on installation time and costs.
  • The controller’s satellite telemetry capabilities make certain you will always be connected to your asset via a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.
  • Auto start on 2 floats or remotely connected sensors
  • Run to fixed speed with PWM
  • Pump pressure protection input
  • Pump flow protection input
  • Low oil gauge & shutdown
  • Loss of prime protection input
  • RPM Reading overspeed shutdown
  • High coolant temp gauge & shutdown
  • Fuel level reading and protection.
  • 36VDC Compatible
  • 100 hour run timer
  • MODBUS / Telemetry ready
  • Engine hours run count
  • Configurable Digital Inputs
  • Fault history logger
  • Battery voltage monitor/display
  • IP66 Control module UV stable
  • Low Radiator level shutdown

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