Solar Bluetooth Beacon with Multi-Sensor Options

Potentially connect 100’s of our Bluetooth Beacons tothe Nanosatellite Gateway to substantially expandmonitoring capacity at lower ongoing cost

Low-cost, long range (up to 200m line of sight) bluetooth beacon with the potential to connect 100’s to the Nanosatellite Gateway to substantially expand monitoring for parameters such as levels, flow, rainfall, wind, cattle tags, etc

  • Can attached up to 3 sensors to the beacon including levels, pressure, flow, rain, wind, temperature, humidity, etc 
  • Bluetooth 5 – Faster, stronger, and better. 200 meters with direct lineof sight and 2 Mbps
  • Bluetooth Mesh allows Bluetooth enabled devices (above v4. 2) toconnect with each other to create a network that can consist of 10s,100s or 1000s of wirelessly connected devices (available soon)
  • Minimal data costs through the gateway
  • Waterproof and ultra-rugged IP68 housing
  • Internal solar panel and Lithium Ion 1000mAH battery

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