Solar Tank Level Sensor and Bluetooth Gateway - Nanosatellite

Monitor multiple sensors and control electric pumps anywhere in the world.

Low-cost, two-way global satellite connectivity for sensors and pumps.The Bluetooth gateway allows additional connectivity of our level,rainfall and pressure long range Bluetooth Beacons.

  • Extra inputs and outputs to add levels, pressure, rain gauge, temperature,humidity, etc and switched pump control. Add-on modules can provide asuite of additional capabilities
  • Bluetooth and WiFi versions available. Combine this Bluetooth Gateway unitwith our long range Bluetooth beacons (levels, rainfall, pressure etc) topotentially add hundreds of additional sensors
  • Waterproof and ultra-rugged IP67 housing with industrial adjustabletripod support 
  • Urethane coated, scratch and UV resistant (10+ year life) solar panel and 30Whr battery (3x 18650 cells) 
  • Onboard GPS (lat/lon/alt)
  • Largest low cost data plan avaiable – 144kB to 576kB/month

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