Tank Yabby NBIoT

Reliable remote level and volume sensor with option for additional rain gauge or flow

The Tank Yabby is a remote water level sensor ideal for monitoring storages, tanks and troughs

  • High accuracy (mm over 10m)
  • Sample interval and alarms (SMS, email) can be set remotely
  • Both level and volume readings
  • Can add additional sensor such as a rain gauge or flow
  • Designed to meet outdoor applications with a durable IP67 waterproof enclosure and IP68 submersible sensor.
  • Ultra-low power –  more than 5 years for most storage applications based on 4 readings a day (50,000+ readings and 10,000+ transmissions)

Tank details form


  • 5 m of cable (extra cable length $10/m)
  • Level and volume alerts via email or SMS
  • Versatile platform allowing other sensors to connect
  • 12 months warranty

Not Included

  • Platform and data access (ongoing after 12 months $25/month paid annually in advance)
  • Installation (can be provided for an additional cost. Contact us for pricing)
  • Delivery $50 with insurance

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