Level sensors

We are continually innovating, developing and improving products. The global industry is also developing technology at a rapid rate.

Depending on your budget and operational requirements our sensors can be powered three ways

  • Battery powered for long lasting, low powered solutions for monitoring such as daily water levels and rainfall.
  • Solar powered for more intense sampling and higher power requirements.
  • High powered multichannel datanodes that can measure multiple parameters at once, switch and monitor pumps and a variety of other inputs.

Our sensors feature a rich and versatile range having many monitoring applications such as level, volume, water quality, flow, soil moisture, pressure, rainfall, temperature and humidity.

In combination with our modular and flexible platform the series can also provide remote pump and valve control. A number of the units can be used in combination to turn on and off pumps based on field variables (e.g. levels, flow, soil moisture).

Our products can often have additional sensors or services added and we also provide bespoke solutions. Our solutions come with a choice of NBIoT/CATM1, Nanosatellite, Satellite, Bluetooth, Zigbee and LoRaWAN.