Our services

Delivering complete integrated solutions, including a range of sensors with the world’s only remote floating storage level sensor and volume forecaster ‘The Yabby’

Site assessment and design

Site assessment includes survey mapping, planning modelling, design, renovate and more.

Survey of Water Assets and Mapping  and Asset Register Setup and Management.

It is important to capture all your water assets and data (i.e. survey, modelling, dam volumes, approvals etc) to be able to manage your water successfully. We can integrate your current data, capture assets and upload to a farmer designed mapping and database software for ongoing access and analysis.

Hydro Survey of Storage

You will need this to under stand the amount of water you have. if you do not have any construction drawings you will need to do a survey. 

This is carried out using a hydro-survey boat and RTK survey gear and potentially a drone and generally cost between $4-$6k per storage.

Evaporation Assessment & EM Survey

We can setup a monitoring station to determine local evaporation and storage levels.  From this we can work out infiltration and annual losses to determine the benefits of further work. 

An electromagnetic soils survey can determine where the likely locations of leaks are.


Sensors used across your site to monitor water and fuel level, volume, flow, pressure, temp, rainfall, weather, etc.

Remote Volume and Level Monitoring for dams, tanks, groundwater, pumps

The Yabby range of sensors offers the only remote floating storage level sensor with volume forecaster and tank level sensors.

The Yabby range of sensors was developed after extensive industry consultation.

The range of sensors are designed and built in Australia and are supported by experienced and industry trusted agricultural scientists and engineers.

Installation, Data Management and Reporting

We can install your sensors, manage your data and provide any regulatory reporting.

Or it could be that your would prefer a weekly/monthly report sent via SMS, there is lots of ways we can assist you. Also, Yabby have partnered with distributors and installers around Australia to ensure personalised service and local well-trained water technicians are available.

Connectivity Plan

You can start with 1 or 2 sensors without limiting future growth.  For small numbers NBIoT/CAT M1 is preferred saving you the upfront expense of a gateway or multiple gateways ($10’s of thousands).

Moving forward it would be wise to develop a connectivity plan utilising gateways with modular options such as LoRaWAN, Radiolink, WiFi, etc.

You can also use a Hybrid of connectivity options as the data reports to the same platform. As an example you may have a remote site with a couple of sensors accessing IoT low powered satellite  or CAT/M1 and a pump site with multiple connectivity points using a gateway.

For powered and unpowered assets of all shapes and sizes, onsite or in transit, real-time battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices are the most effective way to ensure you always know where your property is.

Cold chain management is a system of transporting and storing perishable goods (i.e. food products) or animals within a recommended safe temperature range. Controlled temperatures need to be maintained in cool rooms as well as in refrigerated vehicles for the entire transportation journey to prevent the cargo from becoming spoiled. Transporting animal in high temperatures significantly impacts condition and health. Strategies can be put in place to reduce the risk of heat stress and compliance with the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines once the impact is understood though monitoring.  

Organisations may be bound by law to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure that the cold chain is managed effectively, and all Cold Chain breaches are reported. Our devices enable proactive monitoring and alerting to provide a complete cold chain monitoring solution.


Data is processed in the cloud and displayed on our platform and provides critical information such as alerts, water use, losses, future volumes, compliance and other requirements.

Site Assessment and System Design

Once we know the volume of the storage and how you manage water we can build a hydrologic and water balance model of your farm and dams to determine what the inflow and volumes are and will likely be in the future.

Water balance and reliability modelling for storage or the entire farm

We can capture and model all water inputs to your farm and provide you with a reliability of supply. This will empower you to understand  the risk of running out of water and allow you to make informed decisions about expansions and risks of current operations . 

How important is it that you don’t over or under commit this upcoming season?

Volume Forecasting

The Yabby range of sensors are the only products on the market that can forecast future (3 months) storage volumes. We also offer the only floating level and volume sensor ensuing you measure all the water available.

Water is your farm’s most valuable resource. Accurate monitoring and forecasting reduces your risk and gives you better control over this valuable commodity. 

For each site we determine and access the following data, to build your property’s volume forecasting model

  • evaporation

  • infiltration

  • predictive rainfall model

  • inflow catchment area

  • volumetric runoff coefficient

We work with you to determine the monitoring technology you need to better manage your water assets.


Short term actions such as stop water leaks, turn on and off pumps and fill up tanks and longer term actions such as investigate water loss, optimise irrigation, ensure compliance, save money and help plan for the future.

Engineering Design, Location Analysis & Reconfiguration A storage poorly located and/or designed could incur considerable losses or missed opportunity for water capture. We have significant experience in water reliability analysis and storage modelling and design. Often storages have been poorly designed and built resulting in high evaporation and infiltration losses. Rather than purchasing more expensive water, reconfiguration and modification of your storage could produce a significant amount of highly reliable water. There is Federal rural water efficiency grants that support this type of infrastructure improvement.
Pump Management Solution Yabby remote engine/pump monitoring and control solutions provide remote access to the state of your engine and pump via our web interface. This gives you the confidence of knowing what is happening at all times and when you need to know, especially if a problem or fault arises. Should the pump shut down at any time, you will be notified by either SMS, email, or both. We provide remote monitoring and control for electric or diesel pump systems with configurable solutions to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple solution or a more integrated pump monitoring and control system, we can provide the right tools for you.
Retrofit current system

Most pump control system can be retrofitted. We can supply the wiring diagram for your local auto electrician  to install using our site specific telemetry solution. It maybe direct to the cloud via NBIoT or through our electronic control systems which comprises of  a modular connection board that accepts a series of input, output, communication and specialist modules together with a main processor, solar charger and voltage regulator.  Our system also utilises modules for local radio communication and allows for existing and new data transport carriers (cellular, satellite and LAN).